Debra’s gentle and holistic approach to
osteopathy enables the natural treatment
of the causes of pain rather than simply
masking the symptoms. A tailored solution
will help encourage a life free of pain.

Office professionals

Many office professionals suffer back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and repetitive strain injury as a result of prolonged sitting at a desk. Debra offers a variety of natural osteopathic treatments to ease the pain, decrease stiffness and improve mobility. To effectively deal with the source of the problem, ergonomic assessments, exercise and rehabilitation programs are provided.

New and expectant mums

Having first-hand experience in the effects of pregnancy and parenting on the body, Debra understands the need to create a gentle, safe and effective osteopathic treatment for you. Focusing on reducing pain and increasing mobility, Debra can help you prepare for labour and deal with the pains and strains associated with caring for a baby. Treatments may include body assessments and exercise programs.

Sports injuries

Struggling with sport-related injuries, such as strained hamstrings, sprained ankles, groin and running injuries, can have a restrictive effect on your performance. Debra’s hands-on treatment will discourage inflammation and improve mobility so you can get back to the sport you love. Additionally, Debra offers sports advice, rehabilitation programs and exercise prescriptions to ensure you are at the top of your game.

General neck and back pain

Regardless of age and fitness level, anyone can suffer from neck and back pain. Debra will create a customised treatment tailored to your specific needs. This hands-on treatment may include joint articulation and manipulation, exercise prescription, and lifestyle and ergonomic assessments.

Office stress and pains
Repetitive strain injury
Tennis elbow
General back pain
Sports injuries
General neck pain